Playing video poker

When you combine two of the most popular casino games of all time, the end result, as you can imagine, will be very popular. That is exactly what video poker is, poker played on a slot machine.

However, video poker offers a more exciting and skilful game than that of a standard slot. If you are playing in Canada where you have easy access to a land casino then you will have to "feed" the machine to start playing. This means you will either insert coins or a prepaid casino card to activate the machine. If you are playing online then you will simply have to sign up to the website of your choice and click some buttons!

To play you simply have to place a small wager and then the machine will deal you a hand of 5 cards. Typically, the hand rankings follow that of a conventional game of poker, with royal flush being the top hand. The lowest usual hand on video poker is that of a pair of jacks. All of the rankings will be located somewhere on the machine, in case you are uncertain.

When your hand is dealt you will simply choose which cards to hold and which to discard and replace. So for example if you were holding a pair of jacks, you could discard the remaining 3 cards in hope of hitting 3 of a kind or better.

The key point with video poker machines is that strategies and techniques can be employed, as they don't simply employ a random generator and have to make use of the deck of cards, so it is possible to calculate the percentages of hitting the cards you need.

This is one of the draws of video poker, that a strategy can actually be employed rather than relying on lady luck. With a bit of perseverance and commitment video poker is one slot game that you can actually turn a profit with.