The good and bad of League of Legends game

by World Game Mag

League of Legends game is one of the perfect competitive online games that have been developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in order to set people in a wonderful imaginative world. It is a strategic multiplayer game where the player can play freely. The players of this game will form a team each having 3 to 5 members. Any player/character, called a "champion", has unique abilities, starts off each game quite weak and progresses by accumulating gold and experience over the course of the game. The latest statistics state that there are 118 champions from which to choose, classified by type (such as assassin, tank, or support), which indicates gameplay style and specific skills of the champion. In the most popular game modes, the goal of a team is to destroy the opposing team's Nexus, a building which lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures. League of Legends game is a part of micro-manage real time strategy. The launch of this game was announced for the 7th of October 2008 and later it got released on the 27th of October 2009, a year later.

In the continent of Valoran on the world of Runeterra the lands have continuously been affected by repeated conflicts and Rune Wars that drastically altered the geophysical landscape, even after magical energy was focused on restoring it. As a direct response to this world’s growing physical and political instability and to avoid a new, maybe last, devasting conflict, Valoran’s key magicians came to the conclusion that conflicts needed to be resolved systematically in a controllable environment. Hence the League of Legends was formed. Housed in the Institute of War, it would be given the authority by Valoran’s political entities to govern the outcomes of the organized conflict they would administer. Therefore its major purpose would have been to settle the dispute making use of their magic powers. You will face the fight with your trusted champion, getting the chance to rule the World of Valoran if you win. Basically the game will be played in a small map area called 'fountain' having two teams on opposite ends.

The game starts up with the lowest level that is level 1 and it goes step by step to the maximum of 18 levels. Similar to other games this game also contains obstacles. One of these has the form of towers, termed as Turrets. Others come in the form of spawns thrown, termed as Minions. These are expendable allied units, generated automatically, that are used in order to attack enemy units. They also attack some monsters of both the teams. When you are able to deal with them, you will get some extra coins or extra lifes and this will help you to move on to the next level. The bases where the Turrets are placed are termed as Lane. The map area where the play is being performed is called as Field of Justice and the players have the choice to choose among four fields - Crystal Scar, Howling Abyss, Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline. The number of lanes will differ and also the number of players will be determined based on it. Five players will be allowed for Summoner's Rift and it has 3 lanes, whereas 3 players are allowed for Twisted Treeline with 2 lanes. Each of the team will have own item shop, nexus and re-spawn point. This game is being played in 5 different modes, which are tutorial mode, AI mode, normal mode, custom mode and ranked mode.

The truth about this game is that it is amazingly varied and two games won't be ever the same, even though played on the same maps with similar items. The strategy and course of events will be always unique enticing you to the game in many different ways with the aim to get always the most from your character, giving all you have to the team cause to eventually destroy your enemies and rule Valoran.