The Joys Of Online Bingo

The humble game of bingo has its origins in 16th century Italy, the home of the Renaissance, and as such, has lived through five French Republics and an endless amount of British monarchs. While the game may somewhat be stagnating in bingo halls, it has found a new home online, where it is flourishing. If you have never been enticed by bingo then you should, you can win a fortune.

The defining characteristic of bingo is its simplicity and playing online is just as simple if not simpler. If you went to check all the bingo offers at Mighty Bonus, you'd soon realize that you could be winning within seconds, which is quicker than having to traverse to your nearest venue. The game lends itself perfectly to online casinos and with it being computerized you don't even have to blot your called numbers. Simplicity is bliss and online bingo really is the essence of this.

Unlike bingo halls and other online forms of gaming, online bingo actively encourages socialising. With most servers having a chat element you can converse whilst playing, this is a great little feature that ensures that your game does not become monotonous, something that other games can sadly become. Being able to chat has seen the retention rate of online bingo soar and it has also proven to be very popular feature with the female audience. Most sites have a chatiquette and are monitored, meaning that any unpleasant players will not be welcome back, making it a very amicable place to play. You are likely to encounter the acronym "WTG" when playing online, it simply translates to "Way To Go" and proves that online bingo players, although competitive, are good sports and congratulate others on victory, a perk almost exclusive to online bingo. Everyone loves to socialise and online bingo is one of the best forums to do this.

Like all forms of gambling, potential winnings have to be taken into account, luckily online bingo is a very lucrative, and cheap, place to gamble. Just look at John Orchard. Back in 2012, the then Jobcentre worker scooped £5.9million, after originally staking just 30p - that is crazy! Playing with ButlersBingo, the now retired Grandfather won his stupendous sum in little less than a minute. Orchard was no fluke, before him the biggest online bingo winner was the anonymous Georgios, of Greece, who won £5.1million in 2009. There is plenty of money to be made from online bingo, in fact it seems as if online bingo has some of the biggest jackpots available for online gamers, if that isn't enough to peak your interest then what is?

While the bingo halls may be dying, more than 200 have been closed since 2005, the online version is flowering and you would be a fool not to try and get your piece of that potentially life-changing pie.

Photo Courtesy: grapa